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Afaky is one of the leading companies in the field of software development, web applications, websites, e-stores and mobile applications. We produce technical solutions for different business sectors characterized by a flexible and easy-to-use professional interface.

How does Afaky company accomplish its tasks?

Defining the needs: it begins with knowing the type of users to determine the appropriate systems or programs for them and capable of helping them in managing daily business. We aim to develop programs to add to the institution and save it labor, time and cost.

- We are not satisfied with this only. We also provide our customers with unique and elegant designs for websites and provide them with highly efficient hosting services, which enables them to excel in the Internet space.

Afaki's professionalism lies in providing simple and effective technical systems to our clients, which allowed us to expand our activities and improve the quality of our products within a short period of time.

  • Technical support and training
  • ways to communicate

Afaky company provides a distinguished technical support service to its clients and deals with great flexibility in dealing with technical matters, whether through a representative from the company or by communicating remotely using the latest available means of communication.

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Afaky Company for Information Technology is interested in being in constant contact with its customers and provides many means of communication available, whether online or through direct communications via telephone lines, and you can always contact us through the available data.

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