Afaki Integrated Accounting System (ERP)

Afaki’s products are distinguished in a variety of ways to help business owners keep track of their accounts and work with accuracy and ease, which resulted in a wide range of programs for managing different activities, including what is very specialized (fuel station management program, restaurant management, systems management, production and systems management systems). Market, pharmacies management, integrated accounting program (all commercial, industrial and service businesses)

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Human resources

Afaki human resources management program combines ease and flexibility in performance on the one hand, and accuracy and strength in results and reports on the other hand; Which gives you the ability to easily manage the daily tasks of human resources, such as managing personnel affairs, managing attendance and leaving, and managing salaries and wages, and it also helps you obtain accurate and comprehensive reports.

Merchandise & Purchasing Management

Afaki Distribution Group allows you to fully manage the purchasing cycle, starting with the purchase order, passing through the issuance of purchase invoices, return invoices, receiving the goods, making a voucher of exchange and receiving supplier notices of the earned discount. The rest, everything you purchased is added to the store. An essential and indispensable program for any professional purchasing department.

financial group

It is an integrated accounting program that contains all the contents of the accounting cycle, starting from the daily entry to the final lists, and helps you manage all your general accounts and everything related to your accounting and financial operations, and in which the daily entries resulting from all daily movements in all parts of the program are compiled in order to obtain all Financial information and reports.

برنامج محاسبة

about afaki

One of the best tech companies in Egypt established since 2010

We offer many exceptional features that help you in your investment and the start of your project

The group of Afaki accounting programs relies on standards for accuracy, speed, and information security, which makes Afaki accounting programs the best integrated accounting software that supports Arabic and English languages

Afaqi Program for Production & Manufacturing

Afqi program for production and manufacturing is designed to suit the needs of all factories in which the product passes through several stages, which gives you the ability to make the right decision to run your business efficiently and effectively, in addition to complete interconnection with the program of stores and public accounts

Afaki Restaurant Management Program

Afaki Restaurant Management Program is an integrated program capable of meeting the needs of all restaurants of all sizes and diversity. The program also combines ease of use and accuracy in performance, which improves the performance of restaurant workers and raises the efficiency and level of service and achieves full control. The program provides you with the basic tools for a complete management of restaurants in a professional and distinguished manner.

Afaki Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Program

Afaki CRM program allows you to follow up on marketing and sales operations, schedule visits, targeting, communications, support and customer complaints in an easy and central way. It also enables your employees to submit daily reports about the tasks that have been completed and save them for reference at any moment; Which increases their productivity and helps you evaluate their work

Afaki supermarket management software

Afaki supermarket management program is a program designed in a very easy way, which guarantees you speed, accuracy in performance and complete ease of use, in order to take into account the nature of the cashier's work.

Afaki pharmacy management program

Afaki pharmacy management program is a program designed in a very easy way, which guarantees you speed, accuracy in performance and complete ease of use, in order to take into account the nature of the pharmacist's work.

Afaqi program for managing petrol stations

It helps you in managing the stations with ease, which facilitates the accounting process thanks to the details designed according to the needs of the gas stations. It includes the shift system, meter reading, the coupon system and many general features, including the accounts of sales outlets inside the station, whether it is for oils or supermarkets

Afaqi program to link branches Online / Offline

Afaqi program for linking branches Online/Offline provides you with the ability to connect the company’s Offline branches through the internal network and Online through Static IP at the same time and on the same database; Where it is possible to work offline in the absence of the Internet and when the Internet is available, it updates the data, so the program integrates the information that has been entered Offline.

Other systems we support

Electronic transaction follow-up and archiving system
Stadium Management System
Investing and running money
Maintenance Centers
SMS system for customers

sales program

Afaki for sales and customers program allows you to fully manage each stage in the sales cycle, starting from the price offer, passing through the sales order, issuing sales invoices, return invoices, disbursing goods, making a receipt voucher, and making customer notifications for the allowed discount. The program also contains everything related to the sales process, from customer data , their debts, what has been paid and what is left on them, everything you sold is deducted from the store. An essential and indispensable software for any specialized sales department.

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