Integrated accounting program

Afaky systems depend on unconventional integration as it combines many programs (financial accounting programs, cost accounting programs, tax accounting programs, warehouse management programs, sales programs, purchasing programs, cashier programs, point of sale programs, human resource management programs, production management programs manufacturing, CRM software, deal management software and many more.)

Effort saving

Afaky's integrated accounting system saves the trouble of searching in books, reduces paper dependency to the maximum extent possible, and works on organizing documents and statements and extracting detailed reports with ease.

integrated system

The system combines many complementary and specialized systems, which are integrated with the system in all parts, which makes it easy to update, develop and modify for customers to match the growth of their institutions.

flexible prices

The system is priced according to the customer’s requirements and the number of devices required. Accordingly, the prices of the system are commensurate with all levels of business, from micro-projects to national projects.

time saving

A system that saves the time needed to conduct administrative and accounting operations. It saves you and your organization the trouble of delaying the issuance of reports, financial statements, audits, and others.

data volume

Afaky system relies on managing global databases produced by Microsoft, which allows the system to collect and arrange a huge amount of data and deal with it very quickly

Ease of use

Ease of use is considered the most important features of Afaky products and services. Afaky works on developing its products and services to facilitate use in Afaky accounts programs and management and organization programs

Warehouse management program from Afaqy is the best

The warehouse management program is one of the most important features of the integrated accounting system, where you can manage an infinite number of stores and an infinite number of items that carry any number of details required by the nature of your work. Inventory and determination of shortcomings, waste, waste, deficit … etc.

Accurate, distinct, and detailed reports on each category and allocate reports based on the branch, company or supplier. You can also have an accurate and advanced search mechanism to access the information in all its details.


Afaky program provides the ability to backup data and restore it easily after the formatting process.

Afaky Accounting System provides automatic and direct data protection in cases of power outages and saves open invoices so that work can be completed on them from where they stopped after the electricity returns.

Afakiy accounting system provides full support for the barcode and sequencing system.

Yes, the program is compatible with all touch screens and works with the speed and accuracy required to make the most of it.

Yes, but you have to purchase a license for each device on the network, and there are special discounts for devices that work on the network.

Yes, Afaky program provides the ability to specify more accurate details of the powers of each user and the ability to modify these powers with ease.

Yes, it is compatible with all Windows systems, from XP to all versions of Windows

Afaky accounting system provides the ability to track users and know the history of each user at the level of all program screens from adding, deleting, modifying and printing in detail.