Afaky Scholarship for Qualifying Accountants is one of Afaky’s community activities

It is a free grant to raise the efficiency of human resources and qualify them for the labor market in a way that supports their practical and scientific experiences in the field of accounting and electronic accounting in addition to many administrative work and general skills such as marketing, sales, negotiation and others

Afaky Scholarship for Qualification of Accountants

From the reality of the social responsibility owed by the institutions, Afaky for Information Technology has adopted multiple plans to qualify the youth for the labor market and to provide the scientific material and the practical reality for the trainees to experience the reality of practical life in the institutions, which weighs their expertise and qualifies them to be effective elements in institutions and companies, partners of horizontal success.

Afaky Scholarship for Qualifying Accountants is one of the plans that Afaky worked on in early 2017. The scholarship was provided to young graduates, accountants and students in various Egyptian universities. The scholarship was announced in early February 2017, and then began to be widely promoted through various promotion channels.Approximately 2,200 trainees applied for the grant in less than a month, and then Afaqi began conducting personal interviews for the trainees to determine the seriousness of the eligibility of individuals applying for the grant, in accordance with the principle of transparency and Afaki’s policies.
Acceptance was announced for the trainees to obtain the Horizontal Scholarship for the qualification of accountants in late February 2017, and they numbered 400 applicants from different governorates.
It was decided that the grant would be held at the Trade Club in Cairo, 30 Ramses Street, in front of the Al-Gomhouria newspaper building in the center of the country, in the club’s grand theater, which can accommodate 400 people and is equipped with all the capabilities that make training a real pleasure.
On March 14, the first day of the Afaqi scholarship to qualify accountants began according to a daily schedule over 3 full days, with a full day system of 8 hours, between training and rest
The activities of the grant ended with the desired result by issuing certificates to the trainees and receiving them at the company’s headquarters on the tenth of Ramadan.